Irish Podcast Awards 2023: Best factual podcast

As well as being inspirational and entertaining, podcasts have a fantastic power to educate their listeners, and winners in this category do just that - bringing thoroughly researched and informative analysis of their chosen subject to audiences eager to learn more. Combining deep expertise with accessible delivery, these podcasts are exemplars of how podcasting can be used as an educational tool.

Winner: Alright, Pet?

Alright, Pet? is aimed squarely at the 57% of Ireland’s population that have a pet (and all those who want one too). It’s a weekly BBC Sounds podcast hosted by animal lover Anne-Marie Wallace and specialist veterinary surgeon Rob Adam, where the pair share stories about the world’s unusual creatures. 

Celebrity guests also appear to share their own experiences of pet ownership and to discuss the special bond they have with their animals, but the show is predominantly about sharing advice and guidance for listeners. 

Drawing on his years of experience as a vet, Adams is able to offer reassuringly helpful veterinary advice to guests and listeners alike. He has carried out many unusual operations on animals over the years, including surgery on Finn — a police dog stabbed in the line of duty (who not only survived, but actually ensured a change in how working dogs are viewed in UK law).

Highly commended: The History of the Future

Produced by Trinity College Dublin, The History of the Future presents an intriguing approach to the question of where society is headed: looking at what could happen tomorrow by gazing back into the past. This thought-provoking series talks to arts and humanities researchers, giving compelling insights into the how the trends influencing us today have developed over time.