Irish Podcast Awards 2023: Best entertainment podcast

When you want to take a well-deserved break, there are few things better than kicking back with a good podcast, and there are shows catering to almost every interest imaginable. Winners of this category fall on the lighter side of podcasting, and keep thair listeners coming back with fun and engaging content that demonstrates why podcasting has become so beloved with audiences.

Winner: Fad Camp

It’s quite something that a podcast about diet culture could win the highly competitive Entertainment category — and it’s a testament to the quality of Fad Camp that it does so. In the show, comedian Grace Mulvey and screenwriter Conor Dowling discuss the ridiculousness of fad diets and the misery that diet culture instils in those who live by it.

Dissecting diet culture with humour, research and their own personal experience, the show has welcomed some fascinating guests, including the anti-diet author Christy Harrison, and James O’Hagan who talked compellingly about the unpleasantness of fatphobia in the gay community.

Though recorded in Ireland and with an Irish feel to it, the show has gained a worldwide listenership. The podcast attracts weekly messages from the US, Canada and Australia, with listeners sharing how the show helped them understand toxic diet cultures, and to have better relationships with their bodies and diets going forward. 

Highly commended: This Paranormal Life

With its engaging blend of comedy and cryptids, This Paranormal Life offers a masterclass in how to build a loyal and committed audience. Fans tune in week on week to hear their musings on various unexplained happenings, and hosts Rory Powers and Kit Grier Mulvenna have recently wrapped up an international tour with dates in the US, Ireland and the UK.