Irish Podcast Awards 2023: Best daily podcast

In a rapidly changing world, podcasts can supply daily updates on everything that listeners need to know - whether that's the latest breaking news, or more considered analysis of specific topics. Keeping up a daily release schedule can be a complicated and punishing task, however, and this category recognizes the Herculean effort that goes into creating insightful content around the clock.

Winner: The Indo Daily

The Irish Independent has brought its journalistic expertise to podcasting with excellent results. The Indo Daily is released on a gruelling six-day-per-week schedule, which could lead to listener fatigue in the wrong hands. 

However, the show’s determination to not just replicate radio is paying off, with sharply edited and informative 20-minute podcasts to keep Irish listeners abreast of current affairs. The show is produced with storytelling and production values in mind, using its limited running length to bring (and sometimes break) the stories that matter to its audience without overstaying its welcome. 

From international headlines like the war in Ukraine to vital issues at home such as housing, health and the cost-of-living crisis, The Indo Daily is an essential listen for Irish ears.