Irish Podcast Awards 2023: Best climate podcast

Climate change is a problem that threatens all of us, but podcasting offers a way to educate audiences on both the science and developments at the heart of the issue, and the practical steps that can be taken to address it. The winners in this category do an admirable job of making the nuances of this complicated topic understandable, while also offering hope in the form of highlighting the important work being done across a number of sectors to help stop it.

Winner: The Met Éireann Podcast

Weather and climate affects everything we experience as humans, from how we move around and socialise to food growth and even our feelings. On The Met Éireann Podcast, host Dr. Noel Fitzpatrick gives the subject the attention it deserves with a new show every month covering topics as diverse as space weather, sunscreen, radars, satellites, glaciers and, of course, climate change.

To that end, the show has explored the subject from all angles, going to the northernmost settlement in the world with a glaciologist, to visiting the European Space Agency for the launch of the latest weather satellite. 

Fitzpatrick and his guests succeed in making the somewhat daunting science of climate and weather accessible, while not shying away from the enormous challenges that climate change presents to our species. The show is based on the premise that we know our weather and climate is changing, and we need to understand why to help navigate the rocky road ahead.

Highly commended: Book of Leaves

Tackling the climate crisis can seem like an impossible task, but Book of Leaves aims to combat this by showcasing the work done by those in the Irish climate action movement, including ordinary people as well as experts and activists. The show should also be recognised for its efforts to include BIPOC and working-class voices in the conversation.