Spotify’s revamped TV app makes it easier to tune into podcasts

New home page now mirrors the experience and ease of smartphones

Spotify on TV has an entirely new user experience which makes it easier for users to discover new recommendations on their homepage and watch video podcasts on a bigger screen, according to an announcement from the audio giant. 

“Love seeing how people listen to Spotify on lots of different types of devices,” said Spotify CEO Daniel Ek on Twitter. “Starting today, Spotify on TV is going to look a little different. Let me know what you think!”

The redesigned app mirrors the user experience on the mobile app with a new homepage that makes it easier to browse through favourites by browsing through their recently listened to content and Made For You playlists as well as discover new recommendations for music, podcasts, and audiobooks. Users also have access to over 100,000 video podcasts on the app and can click on them to watch on the big screen. 

Other new features include a ‘Playback Queue’ which allows users to see what’s playing next, the ability to switch the screen to ‘Dark Mode’ in order to dim the visuals, and seamless switching between multiple users on the same app which makes it easier for people who live in the same space. The app is available on TV, gaming consoles, and streaming media players for both free and Premium subscribers.

In addition to redesigning the Spotify for TV app, the audio giant also announced on Wednesday that Spotify premium subscribers in the US will now have access to 15 hours of free listening to over 200,000 audiobooks monthly. This feature, which was announced in October this year, was previously only available to subscribers in the UK and Australia but Spotify plans to roll it out globally starting with the US. 

Spotify recently published its Q3 financial report which showed that it has once again returned to a profitable business having increased its revenue by 11% year on year and reduced its operating losses by 154%. Its ad-supported revenue also increased by 16% year on year after the company started relinquishing exclusivity over a proportion of its hit podcasts this year in order to grow its ad sales and audience. 

In addition to rolling out new audiobook and smart TV features, Spotify also introduced new creator tools for its all-in-one platform Spotify for Podcasters which allow for better discoverability, promotion, measurement, and monetisation for users. Other new podcast investments include releasing a pilot version of AI-powered translations for podcasts which retain the host’s voice as well as launching more talent-driven podcasts such as its newly-released series with comedian and late night TV host Trevor Noah.