HeadStuff taps social stars to lead new comedy podcast

Shane Daniel Byrne, Tony Cantwell and Killian Sundermann will host Young Hot Guys

Irish content network HeadStuff Podcasts is set to launch a new show this week, the company has announced, helmed by a trio of social media stars.

Young Hot Guys, which will be released weekly from tomorrow, will be hosted by Irish comedians and social media personalities Shane Daniel Byrne, Tony Cantwell and Killian Sundermann, who collectively have over 600,000 followers across TikTok and Instagram

“It takes a very media savvy eye to notice there was a gap in the market for guys who are young and hot,” Byrne said. “We have those eyes and we are those guys. Nobody is ready for this diversity. Tony is from the North Side. Killian is 75% German. I myself am courageously gay. I’m proud to be the first ever gay person with a podcast.”

"This is a dream come true for me,” added Sundermann; “I've wanted to do a podcast with Tony and Shane for years and years, long before I even knew them in fact. I just knew we'd do an incredible podcast together. Sometimes, (and this is a bit embarrassing to admit) I'd sneak into their houses at night, this was when they were teenagers and I was a child so I found it easy to slip through open windows and things like that, anyway I'd brush their hair gently as they slept and whisper into their ears "sleep my sweet child, we'll do a podcast together one day..."

HeadStuff is one of Ireland’s largest podcast networks, and manages a number of shows including Fad Camp, Agony Rants and Phoning It In. Many of the company’s shows have made the shortlist for this month’s Irish Podcast Awards, set to be held at House Dublin on 21 November.

Cantwell already has some experience of the podcast space, and already has his own production, Tony Cantwell’s Hit Show. He has previously had his now-cohosts on as guests, and the trio released a risque charity calendar back in 2021. 

‘A geek, a gay, and a German walk into a bar. The bartender says I love your podcast! Sounds like a joke right? But this is our life now, ever since we started Young Hot Guys,” Cantwell said. “It’s a show made by soft men for soft people. And it’s very funny.”