Podster partners with RTL to adapt German podcasts for new audiences

Partnership marks latest adaptation deal for Danish company

Denmark-based podcast company Podster has signed a new licensing agreement with RTL Deutschland, a leading German entertainment company, to adapt its slate of podcasts into new formats to reach global audiences.

The licensing agreement is between Podster and RTL Deutschland’s Audio Alliance unit which produces and distributes a number of hit podcasts, including history series like Der Letze Sommer von Lady Di on the final weeks of Princess Diana’s life and true crime series like Verbrechen von nebenan

With this partnership, Podster will work on adapting the local podcasts into new formats and distributing them more widely to global audiences in order to expand Audio Alliance’s revenue stream. Currently, the podcasts under Audio Alliance first premiere on RTL+, an entertainment subscription service, before being released on other platforms. 

“At RTL+, we are enthusiastic about the partnership with Podster,” said RTL senior vice president of content strategy and Audio Alliance managing director Andrea Zuska. “Together, we are set to expand our podcast content’s global footprint, providing diverse, engaging shows to audiences worldwide.” 

Podster first launched as a startup in 2022 with the aim to introduce best-selling podcasts to new markets by acquiring the IP rights and adapting the content into new languages. In August, the startup entered a licensing agreement with BBC Studios to adapt its original podcast Killing Victoria into new languages with a focus on territories like the Nordics, the Netherlands, Germany and Spain. Other platforms that Podster has partnered with include DPG Media and Grupo Planeta. 

“It’s particularly meaningful that as a small startup, we have the chance to take on podcast releases from the industry giants,” said Podster CEO Henriette Høj Gharib. “We approach this partnership with a deep sense of humility, which is also reflected in the way we produce these adaptations.” 

“Our work and success at Podster demonstrate that the podcast market is ready to expand high-quality content, mirroring the scaling seen in books, movies, and series over the years”.

Spotify also recently announced that it was testing the use of artificial intelligence technology to translate podcasts into multiple languages using the host’s voice. The audio giant released a pilot run of English podcasts that have been translated into Spanish in September and said that it will soon feature translations in other languages including French and German.