New show uncovers the stories of ‘forgotten podcasts’

Podcast Graveyard aims to educate creators about the “do's and don'ts of podcasting”

Podcast production company OneFinePlay has launched a new podcast series looking at the stories behind ‘forgotten’ podcasts that have stopped production, analysing the reasons behind their demise and advising creators on the “dos and don’ts of podcasting”. 

Launched today to coincide with Halloween, Podcast Graveyard is hosted and executive produced by OneFinePlay’s founder and CEO James Bishop. According to Bishop, less than 8% of the roughly four million shows that make up the podcast landscape are still active, while the rest are now no longer “alive and kicking”. Each episode, Bishop speaks to creators whose podcasts have ended about the lessons they learned along the way. 

“We wanted to create a podcast that not only entertains but also provides valuable insights to the sometimes macabre and challenging reality faced by aspiring creators,” said Bishop. “By examining the stories of dead podcasts, we hope to break the stigma surrounding failure and encourage creators to learn from their mistakes, embrace authenticity, and find the strength to ultimately thrive within the larger creator economy.”

The first four episodes of Podcast Graveyard are out today and available on all major podcast platforms. Guests featured in the first four episodes include The Life & Performance Podcast’s Greg Rutherford MBE and Andrew Steele, Humans of LinkedIn’s John Welch, Podcast Principles’ Ryan Sullivan, and the Voice Tech Podcast’s Carl Robinson.

Bishop is an experienced creator, having launched OneFinePlay in 2018, which focuses on creating content with a social purpose. Prior to launching OneFinePlay, Bishop worked as a sports producer for Goalhanger Films. 

Podcasters who want to guest on the show and have had their own experience with launching a podcast that went “to the graveyard” can also reach out to

Many podcasts that end up being abandoned are dropped as a result of challenges with growth or scaling, particularly around discovery and audience.

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