Video app Detail launches multi-camera podcast recordings for iOS

New feature includes automatic syncing for audio and video

Video recording and editing app Detail has launched a new feature for iPhone and iPad users which allows for multi-camera video podcast recording, the company announced. 

The feature, which is available on the Detail app with the new iOS update, aims to help make professional video recording and editing more accessible to podcasters by simplifying the process, according to an email from Detail founder Paul Veugen to TechCrunch. 

“While our product on Mac evolved, we realised that people come to us for two things: a fully edited podcast episode that they can share instantly and great short-form content that helps them reach and build an audience on different platforms,” said Veugen. “But setting up cameras and recording on your Mac is still pretty complicated. We now simplify this to a few taps on iOS.” 

To enable the feature, users can open the Detail app on two iPhones or iPads and click the ‘Multiplayer’ button to wirelessly connect both devices then press record. Videos can be previewed before recording on both devices and users also have the freedom to change the camera angles as they please, including side-by-side, picture-in-picture, and full screen layouts. 

Once the recording ends, the video and audio will automatically sync up and users can instantly edit, add automatic captions, export, and share the recording. To capture high quality audio, users can either rely on their built-in microphones or connect to other devices such as an external Lightning or USB-C mic, or an audio interface like the RødeCaster. 

Other additional features on Detail include the ability to add instant video filters to adjust the lighting and colour, add a teleprompter by pasting a script and choosing the speed to read while recording, and change the background to any presentation video or virtual background through the live green screen editor. 

According to TechCrunch, other additional features that will be coming to Detail soon include remote recording, AI-powered editing - which is already enabled for Mac users - and AI-powered auto-edited short video clips from long-form content that can be used for social media.