Spotify releases 2023 Wrapped checklist for podcasters

Podcasters are advised to customise and update their show pages in advance

Spotify has compiled a checklist for podcasters ahead of the release of this year’s annual Wrapped campaign, advising creators to update and customise their show pages in advance of the end-of-year event. 

The audio giant’s yearly viral marketing event allows users to see a list of their top music artists and podcasts of the year. Many users choose to share their results across social media, and Spotify’s checklist aims to help podcasters prepare their show pages and make them look their best in order to take advantage of the increased visibility.

To personalise a show page, creators on Spotify for Podcasters can add recommendations such as “Best place to start” and cross-promote with other shows through “Host recommendations”, link other social media accounts through the settings tab, interact with listeners by adding Q&As and polls, and share Q&A responses by making them public. 

Spotify started rolling out a number of new tools for creators on its all-in-one podcast platform in October this year, including promotional features such as promoting subscriber-only content through a banner on a show page and monetisation tools like access to its Automated Ads programme. 

In addition to Spotify’s user-specific Wrapped lists, the audio giant is also re-launching Wrapped for Podcasters this year - a microsite unique to each individual podcaster, with access to exclusive data on their show and fans, as well as highlights showcasing their achievement from the past year. 

Spotify released its global Wrapped list for podcasts at the end of November last year, which at the time mostly included shows that were exclusive to Spotify like the Joe Rogan Experience, Call Her Daddy, Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain, and Case 63. Since the release of Wrapped 2022, Spotify has removed exclusivity over a number of these shows including Chamberlain’s podcast, Case 63, and others that made it to the top 10, like Parenting Hell. 

With Spotify now distributing a number of its hit original podcasts more widely and across all major podcast platforms, this gives more of them a chance to end up in other “top show” lists for 2023, such as the annual round-up by Apple Podcasts. 

The decision to relax its approach to show exclusivity has been part of a drive towards increasing ad revenues from its podcasts - a move which contributed to its recent positive performance as per its latest financial results.