Earworms: What the industry’s been listening to this week

From the Magic Kingdom to mysterious and spooky

This week has been a busy one for the podcast community, with the IAB UK Podcast Upfronts offering the industry a chance to try and woo advertisers with previews of their latest content. Alongside that, there’s also been the usual slew of new releases this week, including everything from financial advice shows to anti-slavery awareness podcasts.

 As usual, we’ve also spoken to key figures within the podcast industry to find out what they’ve been listening to, giving you the inside scoop on the next big thing - or just a potential addition to your weekend listening.

What’s in the industry’s ears?

Chris Skinner - Vice president of entertainment, Sony Music Entertainment

I think, consistently, Empire is one of the best podcasts. They've done the Russian Revolution, and they've just done it beautifully. It's not a history show; It's a show where you come for the personalities, and then they talk about history and you realise that you've just gone online and bought the book that they're talking about. I love the partnership so much, and they could literally talk to me about any subject; I'm in now. I will miss the season when it's done.

Zara Anita Paul - CEO, Choppity

I’d like to recommend Last Day, hosted by Stephanie Wittels Wachs. It’s an emotional listening experience, and in earlier seasons it tells intimate stories of overdose, addiction and mental health. Normalising conversations like the ones had in Last Day is really important, especially with the rise of fentanyl overdoses.

Jack Winter - Group planning director, Craft Media London

The Adam Buxton Podcast interview with Jesse Armstrong is brilliant - mostly because he’s a genius, but also because Buxton is a great podcaster. Still makes the best ads in the podcast business, too.

Rebecca Khan - Senior communications lead for Starcom and Spark Foundry, Publicis Media

My favourite podcast is My Therapist Ghosted Me - I’m a big fan. It's hilarious, and always has me laughing out loud on my way to and from work. It's bloody funny, not least because Joanne is a comedian, but the conversations they have feel very genuine, like I would have with my friends. I'm even booked to go and see Joanne live for the second time in a few weeks.

David Smith - Co-host, Super Great Kids’ Stories 

I've been listening to Drifting Off with Joe Pera. The premise is that it's a podcast about going to sleep, but as with so much of Joe's work it gently takes you places you weren't expecting to end up. You'll be giggling too much to be really sleepy!

Freshly Dropped

Money Mondays

National Prison Radio this week launched a new podcast as a spin-off to its award-winning Life After Prison show. Money Mondays aims to offer financial guidance to those serving time in prison, co-hosted by PodPod Faces To Watch winner Zak Addae-Kodua and Quids In magazine’s head of programmes Emma Kernahan.

Keys to the Kingdom

Lifting the lid on the happiest place on earth, Keys To The Kingdom is a new podcast from two former Disney theme park cast members exposing some of the not-so-magical elements of working at the iconic attraction. The show launched on Monday, with eight episodes in the first season.


The second season of Princess Eugenie’s anti-slavery podcast Floodlight debuted this week, with former Prime Minister Theresa May as its first guest. The ten-episode season will be releasing weekly across all platforms.

 After Dark: Myths, Misdeeds & the Paranormal 

The latest podcast from Dan Snow’s History Hit network,After Dark: Myths, Misdeeds & the Paranormalis a new always-on show looking at the intersection of true-crime, folklore and the paranormal, co-hosted by historians and broadcasters Dr Anthony Delaney and Dr Madeleine Pelling. The show debuted on Monday.

Sliding Doors: Your Story

A spin-off miniseries from the successful Sliding Doors podcast, Sliding Doors: Your Story launched on Thursday with its first episode. The miniseries will include seven everyday people sharing their extraordinary ‘what if’ stories.