Amaze Media Labs introduces new advertising solution to drive growth for podcasters

Podcasts are promoted with ads on websites and contextually relevant articles

Amaze Media Labs has announced the launch of a new advertising solution allowing podcasters to showcase their trailers across major websites, aiming to increase their discoverability and grow their listeners.

The company’s new Trailergram solution uses advanced AI-powered audience targeting to place podcast trailers alongside contextually relevant content on Amaze Media Labs’ premium publisher network, which the company says includes over 10,000 trusted websites such as Yahoo, CNN, ESPN, and more. 

Audiences will supposedly be able to interact with the ads to watch or hear a podcast trailer, follow a podcast, listen to episodes, and turn on notifications for new episodes, without ever having to leave the website.

“Trailergram is the first product emerging from the labs following our strategic acquisition of podcast ad network Rockable in March,” said Amaze Media Labs co-founder Brett Sklar. “We’re in a unique position working with large brands and developing proprietary podcast technology. Every day, we introduce people to podcasts and convert them into loyal listeners."

Once a campaign has been in flight for three weeks, podcasters can track its performance through the Trailergram analytics dashboard to view trailer plays, ad views, and opt-in reports. Amaze Media Labs has also partnered with IT infrastructure company Cloudflare to make sure that episode listens are protected from bots and invalid traffic. 

“Without predictable and efficient tools to attract and keep listeners, even the best podcasts can struggle to thrive,” said Amaze Media Labs co-founder Robert Tuchman. “We've put Trailergram to the test, and it's a game changer. Now, any podcast creator can use it – let's all grow together."

Prior to announcing the launch of Trailergram, the solution was in a successful beta testing phase with select creators, and the company says it now has a backlog of over 70 major networks, companies, and podcasters signed up. The solution is available for podcasters of all sizes and the pricing is based on the guaranteed number of podcast trailer plays. 

“The team at Amaze has created amazing audience development tools that have helped us find an audience for our shows,” said Entropy Media Podcast Network founder Anjay Nagpa. “They are incredibly collaborative and working with them has been a pleasure.”