Acast launches global promotional campaign with Black History podcast

Swedish journalist and author Amat Levin to connect with new audiences across seven markets

Acast has partnered with Swedish journalist and author Amat Levin to create a new podcast, based on the success of his site and Instagram account Black History, backed with a global cross-promotional campaign, the independent podcast company announced. 

The launch of the podcast titled Black History: Unveiled coincides with Black History Month, with the podcast highlighting the marginalised stories of Black people in history around the world that have gotten little attention but have made significant impact. The podcast launched on Monday this week on all major podcast platforms, distributed by Acast. 

“My podcast Black History: Unveiled has drawn hundreds of thousands of listens since its inception, unveiling captivating stories that shine a light on historical events and figures often overshadowed in the history books,” said Levin. “Some people question why history is important. They might feel like history, especially Black or African, has nothing to do with them but how we write and interpret historical events directly influences how we understand ourselves and our present time.”

To support the launch, Acast is launching a marketing and promotional campaign which targets audiences across seven global markets including the United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Germany, and France. The campaign incorporates tailored audio ads on Acast’s platform to connect with audiences in these regions that are “rich in unexplored Black community history

and heritage”. 

The podcast is part of Acast’s commitment to amplify underrepresented voices and meet the strong demand from Black podcast listeners for more content focusing on Black stories and perspectives - according to Edison Research’s Black Podcast Listener report. 

“We want to invite Acast listeners across the entire world to join us on this enlightening journey, as we delve deep into the vibrant and often overlooked aspects of history,” said Acast Nordics partnership director Teresa Odu. “On a personal level I am thrilled and extremely proud of this collaboration, as Amat Levin has broadened my knowledge and understanding of my own heritage and its importance in the world – Black history.”

“This is a momentous step in bringing diverse and meaningful content to the forefront, reflecting Acast’s commitment to amplifying underrepresented voices.”