Veritonic introduces new measurement solution for baked-in audio ads

Advertisers will gain access to brand lift measurement insights like reach, impressions, etc.

Audio research and analytics company Veritonic has launched a new measurement solution which allows advertisers to gain actionable insights into their baked-in audio ads based on actual exposure, the company announced.

With this solution, Veritonic uses pixel-based technology to measure the brand lift of embedded, over-the-air and low-impression ad campaigns and provide brands with performance insights including reach, impressions, and efficiency of call-to-actions. 

“As the audio and podcast advertising landscape continues to evolve, it’s critical that advertisers have the measurement data they need to support the ongoing evolution of their audio strategies,” said Veritonic chief executive officer and founder Scott Simonelli. “We strive to provide our clients with full-funnel, apples-to-apples measurement for all of their audio endeavours, and the measurement of baked-in audio ads on actual exposure is a critical component of that commitment.”

According to Veritonic, the technology does not rely on “forced exposure” unlike other audio measurement providers which allows the platform to provide advertisers and clients with more transparency around their ad campaign performance insights.

“Veritonic’s Brand Lift study helped us confirm our performance campaign was also helping to improve our brand metrics,” said Indeed employer brand global lead Thad Smith. “The Veritonic team’s collaboration on methodology with our Brand Science and Growth team helped give us confidence in the results and enabled us to move forward quickly with additional planning for audio channels.”

According to a 2021 report by Signal Hill Insights president and founder Jeff Vidler, controlled exposure brand lift studies are still effective for measuring podcast ad campaigns as “forced exposure” does not apply as much to podcasts as it does to other forms of digital media. The on-demand appeal of podcasts means that listeners are likely to skip or avoid podcast ads. To ensure that ad campaigns are effective, Vidler says it’s important to target the right audience and that listeners are consuming a podcast that reflects their own preferences. 

Measurement is an increasingly important consideration for podcast advertisers and a number of other platforms are offering solutions to help clients make sure that their campaigns are profitable and to help them plan future ones more effectively. Podcast database Podchaser recently launched Airchecks which is a new measurement tool which allows for advertisers to measure campaigns that are in-flight by using artificial intelligence to identify keywords and patterns.