Former Disney theme park employees reveal workplace secrets in new podcast

Docuseries guests include comedians Taran Killam, Scott Aukerman, Jeff B. Davis, and more

Former Disney theme park cast members Amanda Lund and Matt Gourley have launched an eight-part documentary podcast exposing secrets and stories about what it’s like working behind the scenes in those spaces, the hosts announced. 

The podcast titled Keys to The Kingdom features insight from both former and current Disney theme park employees and cast members as well as interviews with a range of guests including comedians Taran Killam, Scott Aukerman, Jeff B. Davis, and Conan O’Brien’s personal assistant and author Talin Sona Movsesian.

Both Lund and Gourley have prior experience working for the theme parks, with Lund being a former Disney Princess and Gourley being a former Disneyland cast member. The podcast is a production under Earios, which is an all-female podcast network that Lund co-founded, and is produced in conjunction with Tradecraft Media.

"Playing Cinderella might sound like a glamorous job, but wearing a ballgown, wig and layers of makeup in 100 degree heat for $14 an hour is no fairytale,” said Lund. “While I had delightful or wonderfully weird moments, there can be a toll of keeping up a character’s facade, both physically and psychologically, for nine hours a day.”

“We’ll delve into what type of person decides they want to work in a pseudo fairy tale, a fake ghost town, or a make-believe movie studio in the first place and what happens when ‘The Happiest Place On Earth’ becomes the dreaded daily grind?” said Gourley. “Sometimes the line between what’s fantasy and what’s reality can really blur when playing make-believe is your job.”

Lund has launched numerous hit podcasts since leaving Disney under her podcast network, including comedy series The Complete Woman. Gourley is also a podcaster and producer, having worked on numerous notable projects including co-hosting and producing comedy podcast Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend. 

In addition to the main show, bonus content for the podcast is available for subscribers through Acast+ with benefits including access to all eight episodes of the docuseries at once instead of waiting for them to release weekly, ad-free listening, extended and unheard interview, and behind-the-scenes stories.