Prison Radio Association launches new podcast with Life After Prison co-host Zak Addae-Kodua

Quids In magazine’s head of programmes Emma Kernahan to co-host financial podcast

Charity organisation Prison Radio Association, which runs National Prison Radio, has launched a brand new financial help and support podcast with Life After Prison co-host Zak Addae-Kodua. 

The podcast titled Money Mondays launched today and aims to give financial help and support about money concerns that people have when serving time in prison, with Addae-Kodua answering questions from listeners alongside his co-host Emma Kernahan, the head of programmes of money guidance magazine Quids In.

''This is my bread and butter, I could talk about money all day long,” said Kernahan. 

Kernahan has previously appeared as a guest on Life After Prison’s Getting Out series which focuses on providing support for people who were recently released from prison. Key themes that will be explored include money management, benefits, debt, and financial empowerment, with input from people and organisations that can offer support to listeners. 

“'This show is all about helping those in prison, and those who have left, to get their money game on point,” said Addae-Kodua.

''Helping those with experience of the Criminal Justice System to get control of their finances could be a game changer,” said Money Mondays producer Sam Taylor. “We'll be bringing in the experts to look at a range of financial issues that affect so many people in prison as well as those recently released.” 

Listeners can send in their questions by emailing or reaching out on social media @afterprisonpod.

Prison Radio Association produces a number of hit podcasts for ex-offenders including Life After Prison, co-hosted by Addae-Kodua and Jules Rowan, The Secret Life of Prisons, Windrush Stories, Future Prison, Sex Talk Podcast, and more. Both Addae-Kodua and Rowan were honoured this year for their work, making it to PodPod’s Faces to Watch inaugural programme which celebrates up and coming individuals in the podcasting industry and winning Best New Presenters at this year’s UK Audio & Radio Industry Awards (ARIAs). 

Life After Prison was also honoured this year at the seventh-annual British Podcast Awards which took place at the end of September, winning highly commended for the Specialist Award which the judges attributed to the hosts who are both former prisoners but were able to emerge as “sensitive and capable podcasters” who speak about sensitive subjects with consideration and helping make an impact in people’s lives who are in the same position as them.