Podchaser launches real-time campaign tracking tool

New solution aims to drive more efficient campaigns by identifying keywords and trends

Podcast database Podchaser has announced the launch of Airchecks, a new measurement tool for advertisers which identifies keywords and patterns within campaigns that are in-flight.

The tool leverages artificial intelligence to transcribe podcast advertising campaigns and feeds them back to advertisers to help them understand if their podcast campaign is reaching their intended audience and to help them plan more efficient campaigns for the future. According to parent company Acast, this tool is already a “staple” in radio campaigns for measurement and planning. 

“Podcast advertising is reaching such a scale that many brands are now buying across hundreds or even thousands of podcasts at a time,” said Podchaser CEO Bradley Davis. “The industry has been calling out for a scalable way to discover and track these. With Airchecks, our Podchaser Pro users are able to quickly discover, listen to, and learn from podcast ads through voice transcription technology.”

“Having access to this data is not only a powerful validation tool for in-progress campaigns, but also yields crucial insights for planning future campaigns.”

As campaign measurement is an increasingly important tool for podcast advertisers, a number of other platforms have started to offer solutions to help them keep track of performance both during and after the campaign ends, in order to make sure that they are brand-suitable and reaching their desired audience. 

SXM Media recently partnered with AI-powered podcast measurement platform Barometer and adaptive marketing automation platform ArtsAI to launch a new brand safety solution for advertisers. The tool allows advertisers to stay up-to-date on their campaigns with reporting available mid-campaign and targeting in-flight for the first time. 

Airchecks is currently in its beta-testing phase across top-performing podcasts and is also part of Podchaser’s Pro Tier subscription, which creators can request a demo of through the website. The subscription tier includes access to exclusive features like reach data and analytics, AI-driven brand safety metrics, and more.

Podchaser Pro also includes the Predictive Demographics tool which launched in September and uses AI to predict the age and gender of listeners for enhanced podcast advertising. It’s part of Podchaser’s Collections+ feature, which launched in June, and is an AI-powered solution which automatically collects podcasts into categorised content verticals which advertisers can then use for targeted, audience-level advertising buys.