Sonnant and Podder partner to create more targeted podcast advertising campaigns

Sonnant’s content data will be integrated with Podder’s analytics tools

AI-powered audio data platform Sonnant has partnered with audio and demographic analytics platform Podder to integrate its solutions and offer podcast advertisers enhanced contextual targeting. 

With this partnership, Sonnant will integrate its content analysis technology - which uses AI to detect the context, intent, and themes of spoken-word content - with Podder's analytics tools, providing insight into listener demographics, preferences, and behaviours. 

“This partnership isn’t just about data,” said Sonnant founder and chief executive officer Tony Simmons; “it’s about elevating audio to an essential marketing channel by delivering advertising that resonates contextually, maximising its reach and impact.”

This integration aims to give advertisers more insight into audiences' preferences, as well as help them reach new and untapped audiences to increase their growth opportunities, campaign efficiency and ROI.

“We’ve redefined the value of audio targeting tools,” said Podder founder Christian Sørenson. “Our demographic data can show the most engaged audiences, and coupled with Sonnant’s content data, customers will now be able to unlock targeting, planning and measurement for audio that has been talked about for a long time.”

Contextual targeting is an increasingly important consideration for brands that want to advertise on podcasts, in order to make sure that the content they’re advertising on is brand-safe and suitable, as well as reaching the right audiences for the brand.

A number of other podcast platforms have invested in contextual targeting solutions for podcast advertisers, including Acast’s Podchaser which recently launched a new Predictive Demographics tool that uses AI to assess the age and gender of listeners. 

Ad sales company AdLarge also recently partnered with brand safety and contextual intelligence solution Sounder and ad inventory management platform Flightpath to combine their individual offerings and improve podcast advertising campaigns for brands and agencies.

“I think brand safety is always something that should be quite close to the top of the agenda for a client, especially when they're spending in the digital space because it can be quite frightening out there,” said Octave Audio podcast lead Matt Rouse in a previous episode of PodPod. “AI is this scary thing that is on the horizon that everyone thinks is gonna take over the world.”

“That's already being worked with in terms of us being able to use [AI] to understand beyond context in podcasting, and that will be a really helpful tool to us moving forward.”