Earworms: What the industry’s been listening to this week

The most disturbing true-crime podcast yet

Podcast advertising doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, brands can be as creative as they want, and that’s certainly the case with Wendy’s new branded ‘true-crime’ podcast The Burger Files... because what’s more terrifying than biting into a burger and discovering soggy lettuce?

This week’s new podcast launches feature a number of shows that have returned with new seasons for their highly engaged fans as well as first-time listeners, and recommendations from industry experts give you a look at what these top players are listening to for a chance to unwind during the weekend or get a head start on the coming week. 

What’s in the industry’s ears?

Aradhna Tayal Leach - Managing director, Radio Academy 

I've recently discovered Sharing Plate, which is all about food and culture. Growing up in an Indian family, food is an important part of life and certain dishes bring me closer to family and my heritage. I love how talking about food literally loosens the tongue and such personal stories and personalities flow through the episodes - a conversation about beans evolves into a tale of broken families and migration. Global travel and social history shared one meal at a time - delicious.

Kate Norum - Head of branded entertainment, BBC Studios

I recommend Caffeine for the Soul with Michael Neill. It’s a weekly podcast, it comes out on a Monday, and it’s only 10 minutes but it’s so inspiring and warm and engaging. What it does is it helps you in that small amount of time gain perspective on everything. It makes you question how you see the world and how you experience reality. It’s a brilliant reset for the start of the week. 

Christian Sørensen - CEO, Podder

Recently, I’ve been listening to Crowd Network’s The Joe Marler Show. He’s definitely a fun character, and it’s interesting to learn about different people and professions with his direct interview style. Highly recommended. 

Rob Leane - Host, One More Life

Sometimes I like to take a break from gaming, and the other geeky things that occupy most of my listening hours, and just listen to something funny to cleanse the palette a bit. My absolute favourite option in that oeuvre right now would be Who Shat on the Floor at My Wedding?, which is absolutely hilarious and surprisingly joyous. The person investigating isn’t exactly a real detective - but the laughs you’ll be having will be very real indeed.

Susie Banikarim - Co-host, In Retrospect 

I'm a big fan of You're Wrong About with Sarah Marshall, for all the obvious reasons, and there was a great new episode this month about Sound of Freedom with Michael Hobbes. They are always so good together. Also, Sarah's voice makes me feel like the world makes a little sense even when she’s talking about something awful and we all need that.

Freshly Dropped 


Spotify Studios’ award-winning podcast Heavyweight with author and humorist Jonathan Goldstein is back for its eighth season, now available on all podcast platforms. The first episode of the new series launched this Thursday and episodes that will be covered this season will include Goldstein reconnecting with his childhood best friend Lenny after discovering that he is dying.

The Burger Files

Fast-food chain Wendy’s has launched a new branded podcast, produced by Fresh Air and Mighty Bunny, which is a scripted comedy ‘true crime’ podcast titled The Burger Files. The series, which debuted its first two episodes on Monday, is created in partnership with comedy writer Joel Morris and hosted by comedian Sara Barron. 

Solicited Advice with Alison Roman

Food columnist and viral content creator Alison Roman is the host of a new podcast titled Solicited Advice in which she joins a special guest to take questions from live and recorded callers and attempt to give them advice on whatever problems they’re facing, from how to order a martini at a bar to modern dating. The podcast debuted its first episode on Thursday with artist and musician David Choe as the first guest. 

First Dates: The Podcast

Best-selling author Frankie Bridge and former waitress from Channel 4’s First Dates CiCi Coleman are back to host season two of First Dates: The Podcast. The new season launched on Thursday and features the co-hosting duo speaking to guests sharing more of their real-life dating stories. 

Out To Lunch

Sony Music Entertainment’s hit podcast Out To Lunch is back for another season, following a 10 month hiatus, with a new host - writer, actor, presenter, and comedian Ade Edmondson who replaced previous host, journalist and food critic Jay Rayner. The new season launched on Tuesday with a two-part special featuring the Pretenders lead vocalist Chrissie Hynde as the first guest.