Schwarzkopf podcast advertising campaign results in 43% lift in purchase intent

Advertising on Spanish-language podcasts resonates with Hispanic listeners

Beauty brand Schwarzkopf saw a 43% increase in purchase intent following a podcast advertising campaign for its Keratin Color haircare product, according to new details released by Acast based on a campaign with parent company Henkel. 

The campaign focused on attracting Hispanic podcast listeners and consumers through strategic advertisements across Spanish-language podcasts Yo Quiero Dinero and Se Regalan Dudas. It ran from April to July this year and included host read sponsorships on both podcasts as well as pre-recorded spot ads from the hosts that were dynamically inserted across Acast’s Beauty and LatinX podcast collections. 

Yo Quiero Dinero and Se Regalan Dudas are a smashing success because they fearlessly embrace vulnerability, the secret ingredient for compelling storytelling,” said Acast creative strategist Natalia Aldasoro. “As a proud Latina myself, I understand how crucial it is to shed light on the authentic perspectives of Latin and Hispanic women in a world often clouded by misconceptions and standards of beauty.” 

“With their devoted fan base, both podcasts created the ideal stage for weaving the Schwarzkopf Keratin Color brand narrative in an entirely genuine manner. Additionally, by incorporating pre-recorded ads across Acast’s Beauty and LatinX Collections, we were able to achieve an even greater scale for that incredible brand story.” 

Additionally, the Acast Creative team integrated immersive brand storytelling on select episodes of Se Regalan Dudas with ‘Sponsored Stories’ - a four-minute long segment on the hosts’ experiences on changing hairstyles and colours at multiple stages in their lives. The team also worked on a branded episode for Yo Quiero Dinero titled How To Own Your Hair, which resulted in an 80% listen-through rate and became the third most popular episode of the podcast in terms of listenership. 

“Every person has gone through a deeply personal journey with their hair. It’s intertwined with who we are and because of that we connect through story and shared experiences,” said Henkel Schwarzkopf marketing director Linda Lin. “Acast understood the power of storytelling for the Schwarzkopf Keratin Color brand and created a multifaceted campaign that resonated with Hispanic audiences in an authentic way through the highly engaging nature of the Yo Quiero Dinero and Se Regalan Dudas podcasts.”

Spanish podcast listening is a huge opportunity for investment, according to Edison Research’s Latino Podcast Listener Report 2022, which showed that 34% of US Latinos are monthly podcast listeners, which is just 4% lower than the total US population, and 64% of those listeners have listened to a podcast that was mostly in Spanish, showing a high demand for Spanish-language podcasts.