Barometer and Forever Dog partner to prevent demonetisation of drag podcasters

Brand safety solutions aim to fight “tremendous amount of misinformation”

Measurement platform Barometer has partnered with independent comedy production company Forever Dog to make it easier and safer for brands to advertise across Forever Dog’s drag queen podcast network, Moguls Of Media (MOM), through the use of AI-powered contextual targeting solutions. 

The MOM podcast network was created in partnership between Forever Dog and the hosts of hit podcast Race Chaser - former Rupaul’s Drag Race contestants Alaska Thunderf*ck and Willam Belli - featuring content from the LGBTQ+ community, including podcasts from former Drag Race contestants. 

With traditional keyword-based brand safety solutions, Forever Dog said, content from the channel would historically be labelled incorrectly, which resulted in demonetisation for the creators. Barometer plans to rectify this by using AI-powered contextual targeting technology to determine the risk level of episodes based on keywords, tone, context and sentiment.

“Due to the tremendous amount of misinformation pointedly focused at the drag community, many brands and advertisers have felt that drag content is somehow inherently risky: our partnership with Barometer will prove that this is not the case,” said Forever Dog Productions CEO Joe Cilio. “By providing advertisers with Barometer’s valuable tools and insights, we can confidently welcome more brands into this vibrant and exciting space.”

“Forever Dog and Barometer are committed to fostering a more inclusive and supportive new media environment for all marginalised communities.”

This isn’t the first time that keyword-based brand safety solutions have been called out for incorrectly demonetising creators. In August, podcast hosting platform Sounder and Black-owned media organisation Urban One partnered to launch a whitepaper on traditional keyword-based versus AI/ML-driven brand safety and suitability in podcasting.

The report showed that traditional keyword-based brand safety measures wouldn’t take into account the context of episodes and inaccurately flagged content as unsafe, often affecting diverse creators’ content and leading to them being under-monetised. 

“Creating a more inclusive and fair environment for all creators, including the drag community, is not only morally imperative but also a smart business decision,” said Barometer CEO Tamara Zubatiy. “Diverse and representative content attracts a broader audience and supports a more inclusive society.” 

“Addressing this issue is a step towards a more equitable and understanding media landscape.”