Amazon Music launches Podcast Previews in several global markets

Listeners in the UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand can now access personalised soundbites

Streaming platform Amazon Music has launched Podcast Previews, a new discoverability tool, to users in the UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. 

Podcast Previews first launched in November 2022 and was only accessible to Amazon Music users in the US through the app and website. The tool helps users discover new podcasts to listen to more easily, by curating personalised soundbites of full podcast episodes based on the user’s listening history, what podcasts they follow and listen to, and their previous usage of Previews. 

As part of the Podcast Previews global launch, Amazon Music is working with a number of hit podcasts within networks like Wondery and Sony Music Entertainment, including RedHanded, The Therapy Crouch, Casefile, British Scandal, Where There’s A Will There’s A Wake, Terribly Famous, Brydon &, and more. 

Once a preview ends, the next one will play automatically, but listeners can also swipe forwards or backwards to switch, as well as choose to listen to the full episode, add it to their playlist, follow the show, or go to the show’s description page. The feature is accessible on both the main and podcast homepage, the Amazon Music website, and by clicking ‘explore more podcasts’ in the playlist lab in the podcast library. 

A number of podcast platforms have started to offer enhanced tools and features for podcasters to improve their discoverability. Apple recently added a number of new and enhanced podcast discoverability tools as part of its iOS 17 software update, which include filtering search results on the app by top results, shows, episodes, and channels. 

Similarly, Spotify launched a new user interface to its application in March, which includes new features aimed at improving discovery like autoplay for podcasts, and personalised sub-feeds that include audio and video previews of podcast episodes, audiobooks, and music. 

During a session at this year’s Radio Academy Festival on podcast discoverability, freelance podcast strategy consultant and former Apple head of podcasts Danni Haughan told independent creators that it’s important to think about which podcast platform they are using and their promotional strategy. With certain platforms such as Apple and Spotify, creators can submit a public form to the platform and request help with promotion, but it’s important that they have a “tight concept” when pitching their shows. 

“Think about how you would fit into their editorial promotional spaces,” said Haughan. “There’s no secret sauce but a key thing is to have a really obvious and comprehensive plan - What is it about? Who is it for?”