Spotify to bring video ads to streaming service Roku

Video podcasts will soon be included as part of Spotify’s video ad experience

Spotify is expanding its decade-long partnership with TV streaming platform Roku, bringing video ads - including video podcasts - to users of the Spotify app on Roku. 

Roku device users can already download the Spotify app to stream music and podcasts on TV or connect it to their screens through the app on their phone or tablet, but brands will now be able to reach this audience through Spotify’s video takeover ad experience, which will soon also include video podcast ads. 

“As a long-time leader in the streaming space, we’ve had a front-row seat to audiences choosing streaming to enjoy content and advertisers following suit to reach them,” said Spotify's global head of advertising business and platform Lee Brown. “It’s long been our goal to make Spotify available to anyone on any device and this partnership with Roku answers the call from advertisers who want even more ways to reach our users.”

“Both our brands have been at the forefront of the streaming revolution and together we’re continuing to invest in more opportunities for advertisers to connect with our immersed users.”

The announcement comes as part of the company’s upcoming launch of the Spotify CTV Partner Network. Advertisers were only previously able to access audiences across mobile, tablets, and desktops, but this is the first time that Spotify’s video takeover ad experience has included CTV.

“As long-time partners, we’re excited to launch Spotify’s TV streaming video ads that will reach both of our streamers on platform and drive measurable campaign impact for brands,” said Roku vice president of ad revenue and marketing solutions Alison Levin. “Roku and Spotify are uniquely positioned to make the largest screen in the home work harder for brands. We are thrilled to partner with Spotify on this at launch.”

As part of Spotify’s strategy to make its content more accessible to users everywhere, the audio giant recently announced that it is testing the use of artificial intelligence technology to translate podcasts into multiple languages using the host’s voice. The platform launched a pilot of English podcasts that have been translated into Spanish, including Diary of A CEO with Steven Bartlett, the Lex Fridman Podcast, and Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard.