AdLarge partners with Barometer to increase brand suitability across podcast portfolio

Barometer will use AI to detect harmful or sensitive content

AdLarge has partnered with AI-powered podcast measurement platform Barometer to enhance brand suitability and safety across its podcast portfolio, the company has announced. 

With this partnership, Barometer will use its AI technology and contextual targeting tool to analyse podcast transcripts and look at their keywords, tone, context, and sentiment, to determine their brand suitability for advertisers. The platform makes sure that the content is in compliance with the GARM (Global Alliance for Responsible Media) framework and the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s content taxonomy 3.0 brand appropriateness standards.

After Barometer analyses the podcast transcripts, the platform then gives each of them a grade based on their level of risk for brand suitability - no risk, low, medium and high. Brands and buyers that want to advertise on AdLarge podcasts can then review these scores immediately as well as monitor their ad buys during and after the campaign to make sure their standards are being met. 

"AdLarge's commitment to demanding the highest quality technological solutions for brand suitability and contextual targeting helps push our whole industry into the future by driving advertiser confidence through data,” said Tamara Zubatiy, co-founder and CEO at Barometer. “It’s been a pleasure working with the talented team at AdLarge and we look forward to a continued successful partnership."

Brand safety and suitability are increasingly important for advertisers who want to invest in podcasts, and Barometer has partnered with a number of platforms to help ensure that advertisers’ safety standards are met, including programmatic audio advertising platform Audiohook, audio group SXM Media, podcast network Wondery, and others. 

AdLarge also recently partnered with brand safety and contextual intelligence solution Sounder and ad inventory management platform Flightpath to improve campaigns for podcast advertisers by allowing brands that are using Sounder’s contextual targeting solution to access Flightpath’s forecasting tools, including a nine-month view that can help publishers predict and prevent oversold inventory and campaign under-performance.

“As podcasting continues to scale, brand suitability and safety are more important than ever before,” said AdLarge CEO Cathy Csukas. “It’s imperative we provide this level of transparency and accountability to brands as an industry. We’re proud to partner with Barometer and look forward to continuing to bring innovative services to our partners.”