Zoe Lyons and Stephen Bailey: Co-hosting the British Podcast Awards

The Let’s Talk About The Husband comedic duo on how they’re preparing for this year’s ceremony

The seventh-annual British Podcast Awards, a night which celebrates excellence in the podcasting industry and honours creators both in front of the mic and working behind the scenes, is taking place on Thursday this week at the immersive entertainment space HERE at Outernet in central London. 

With just a few more days to go until the ceremony takes place, Let’s Talk About The Husband comedic duo and co-hosts of the evening, Zoe Lyons and Stephen Bailey, joined Rhianna Dhillon and Adam Shepherd on the podcast to talk about how they’ve been preparing for the awards night, who they’re excited to see on stage, and how podcasting has helped drive their comedy careers. 

Key Takeaways 

Don’t follow a structure that’s too rigid 

“The looser the framework, the better, because it allows us to talk about absolutely anything and everything,” said Lyons. “We always just have a kicking off point and I think that's often the best way for podcasts to work. We knew it was never going to be heavily structured, researched, and produced within an inch of its life. We just wanted a framework to hold our conversations.” 

“Even though we're kind of saying, let's have it loose and just go with a loose framework, I think it's just the continuation of the stuff you can't say on stage,” said Bailey. “So we might have [say], here's a joke we've got but also here's the serious side of the joke.” 

Cross-promote your content

“I did a tour earlier this year and I had paid for PR for the tour and a few years ago they would not have been pushing to get you on people's podcasts but now that is definitely a thing that they are doing,” said Lyons. “They push you to get on people's podcasts that they feel will have a positive effect on the sales.”

“Laura Whitmore mentioned me on a podcast she was on and I wasn't even on that podcast but because she said I was funny on a podcast, people bought tickets to my show and then they said we came because we heard Laura Whitmore enjoyed it,” said Bailey. 

Keep your guests at the centre of the show 

“It's not that easy to be able to get everything out of somebody that you're interviewing and you have to have a genuine interest in other people and other people's stories,” said Lyons. “That's why some people are better at it than others.

“Not every comedian is a very good interviewer, you have to be able to put yourself aside and let the guests shine.” 


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