Amy Poehler to host new scripted podcast series in partnership with Audacy

Podcast is part of a partnership with Poehler’s Paper Kite Productions podcast division

Award-winning actress and comedian Amy Poehler will be hosting a new scripted comedy podcast for Audacy, in partnership with the newly launched podcast division under her production company Paper Kite, the company announced. 

The weekly podcast titled Say More with Dr? Sheila is launching on 21 September as the first of a three-season franchise from Paper Kite Podcasts and Audacy, with executive producer Liz Cackowski. The rest of the franchise is set to launch in 2024 and will include a female-led true crime series and a male-hosted interview show, with all the characters and stories living in the same universe. 

“We could not be more thrilled to partner with Amy to launch the first instalment in the Paper Kite Podcasts slate and realise the creative vision she has and to invite listeners into the brilliant and hilarious universe she and Liz have brought to life, beginning with Dr? Sheila in Say More,” said Audacy Podcasts executive vice-president Jenna Weiss-Berman. “Amy and Liz have created a masterful, satirical love letter to their favourite podcast genres.”

Say More with Dr? Sheila is a 10-episode series which stars Poehler as Dr? Sheila, a fictional therapist, life coach, author and podcast host. The podcast will feature her character counselling new couples every week played by fellow actors and comedians including Tina Fey, Illana Glazer, Maya Rudolph, Fred Armison, and many more. 

Episode two of the podcast will also feature a collaboration between Audacy and retail company Kroger, featuring the brand in the dialogue of the therapy session between fictional couple Jamison and Pam. The branded episode was initiated by public relations company Dentsu. Additionally, Audacy launched an exclusive station from Dr? Sheila to mark the launch of the podcast which features the character’s favourite music and artists. 

“Dr? Sheila has changed my life,” said Poehler. “She also owes me a considerable amount of money. But if I have learned anything from listening to Say More, it’s the fact that people are complicated.”

“We are huge fans and listeners of podcasts in every genre. Love self-help podcasts, love true crime, love the celebrity interview show, all of it,” said Cackowski. “And as comedians, we show our love through parody, which perhaps is something the next self-help podcast can help me work through. We’re excited to partner with Audacy to bring this series to life.”