Production company Glisten+ launches inaugural scripted podcast slate

Company plans to release eight additional completed series in the coming months

Newly-launched podcast production company Glisten+ has announced an inaugural slate of scripted podcasts which will include a total of 11 shows to be released in the next coming months, according to a report from Variety. 

The first podcasts that are part of the slate launched this month. These include a young adult supernatural thriller titled Can’t Relax starring For All Mankind’s Olivia Trujillo, Cheaper by the Dozen’s Andre Robinson, and NCIS’s Patrick Labyorteaux, as well as a fantasy adventure titled League of Wonder starring actors including Blue’s Clues’ Donovan Patton, The Woman King’s Makgotso M. 

Glisten+ is a production company which aims to create audio projects with cinematic qualities that blur the line between scripted podcasts and audiobooks. The company was co-founded by veteran producer Sheila Stepanek, co-founder of multi-platform entertainment company Happy Street and former CEO of Partizan Entertainment, and award-winning author and producer Adam Jay Epstein who co-created the hit horror series The Unsettling. 

“We are so proud of the ever-growing team of incredible actors from both Hollywood and abroad that are lending their voices and passion to our scripted podcasts,” said Stepanek and Epstein in a statement. 

As part of its scripted podcast slate, Glisten+ is also adapting the character IPs of board game publisher Brotherwise Games as part of a new partnership with the upcoming podcast titled Boss Monster Adventure which is set to release at the start of November.

“We think the story that Glisten+ has crafted will delight listeners, and we’re excited to see what future adventures might be in store for our characters,” said Brotherwise Games chief executive officer Chris O’Neal. 

Other series that will be released in the coming months include a horror podcast titled The Dispossessed in October, an R-rated comedy titled Best Party Ever in December, a family adventure podcast titled American Leprechaun in January 2024, a toddler podcast titled Listen Pup in February 2024, a comic adventure titled The Figgets in March 2024, another horror series titled Foster in April 2024, a romantic drama titled Lasting in May 2024, and a superhero series titled Backbeat in June 2024.