The Final Girls' Anna Bogutskaya to host new horror anthology podcast series

New podcast from Brock Media is part of the company’s upcoming genre slate

Anna Bogutskaya, host of hit horror film history podcast The Final Girls, is launching a new horror fiction anthology podcast series with production company Brock Media, acting as producer and host. 

The series, titled Eerie, is launching 2 October on all podcast platforms and will feature eight stories written and performed by leading figures from the horror genre including authors Julia Armfield, Alison Rumfitt, and Kirsty Logan, theatre maker Willy Hudson, filmmaker Paris Zarcilla, as well as the first writing debuts of actors Marli Siu and Jemma Moore. 

“My two great loves are horror and podcasts,” said Bogutskaya. “It is an unbelievable pleasure to commission some of the most out-there, horrifying and haunting original stories from some of my favourite voices in the genre space, and make them come alive with a bespoke soundscape.”

“[Brock Media founder and CEO] Sarah Brocklehurst and Brock Media’s ambitious, generous approach to filmmaking applies to their approach to audio too.”

Eerie is the first podcast under Brock Media’s new slate of genre-based podcast programming following the success of Never Told, an eight-part anthology which launched in June. It featured stories written and performed by a number of acclaimed artists including actors Harry Trevaldwyn, Thaddea Graham and Esther Smith, writers Joanne Lau, Emma Jane Unsworth, and Caleb Azumah Nelson, director Deborah Haywood, and VICE UK editor-in-chief Zing Tsjeng.

Brock Media was founded by CEO and award-winning producer Sarah Brocklehurst in 2022 and is backed with an investment from BBC Studios. Never Told was Brock Media’s first venture in the audio space, having only produced TV and film series until that point. 

“Brock Media is proud to champion bold authored storytelling across genres, and we are so excited to be launching our horror slate with Eerie, in partnership with the brilliant Anna Bogutskaya,” said Brocklehurst. “This collection of truly frightening stories speaks to our love of using genre to explore queerness, gender and race and to the range of sub-genres from body horror and psychological horror through to comedy horror that characterises the company’s genre slate across TV, film and audio.”