British Podcast Awards 2023: Podcast Champion

Every year, this title is bestowed on the person or company that has made a significant contribution to furthering the cause of podcasting in the UK - whether that be through supporting the industry’s creators, developing new ideas and formats, or simply increasing the medium’s public profile.

This year, our judges decided to award the Podcast Champion award, sponsored by Audible, to a show which has made huge waves within an often-underrepresented market, bringing more people into the podcasting world and proving that the format is every bit the equal of longer-established forms of media.

Winner: My Therapist Ghosted Me

Historically, podcasting has often been lambasted (sometimes fairly) as being a little too full of groups of men in their thirties making fart jokes or talking about movies. This year’s laundry list of talented winners proves that that’s certainly no longer the case, and this year’s Podcast Champion award goes to a show which has been doing a sterling job of creating popular, engaging audio content that’s aimed at a young female audience.

My Therapist Ghosted Me has proven to be a bona fide phenomenon, amassing legions of fans and sparking a highly successful live tour, raising the bar across the board and bringing a huge number of female listeners into the medium, injecting greater diversity into podcasting.

Hosted by Joanne McNally and Vogue Williams, the show continues to go from strength to strength, and the judges were impressed by its high-quality production, as well as its outstanding listener growth figures over the past year.

The judges said:

“Undoubtedly a hit podcast due to its fun and bubbly hosts, with their well-made observations. It was very fun to hear them chat about their lives, and interact with each other.”