Coleman Insights launches personalised brand lift study service for audio advertisers

Studies can give advertisers insights on brand awareness, purchase intent, and more

Research platform Coleman Insights has launched a new service offering brand lift studies for brands and agencies, which measure the impact and effectiveness of audio advertising campaigns including radio, podcasting, and streaming.

The Ascend Brand Lift Study service is customisable depending on the client’s advertising campaign goals and aims to allow companies to guage how effective their campaign was based on insights such as whether consumers had a positive impression of the brand, their purchase intent, trust, and so on. 

“We are big believers in the effectiveness of audio advertising when it is executed correctly,” said Coleman Insights president Warren Kurtzman. “With Ascend, we provide deep insights to our clients that will help improve the effectiveness of audio advertising campaigns.”

Clients also have the option to choose between two types of studies - the first being an analog methodology which can measure reported listening behaviour through a research survey conducted with consumers. The second uses a digital methodology using pixel-based technology to match ad exposure with each respondent. 

Prior to launching the brand lift study service, Coleman Insights spent more than a year conducting custom research for clients to show them the brand lift of their audio advertising campaigns. New clients can show their interest in the study service by filling out a form on the Coleman Insights website. 

“The brand lift research Coleman Insights has provided to our clients has demonstrated the value of advertising on our networks,” said Key Networks chief operating officer Dennis Green. “It has been instrumental in our efforts to secure renewals from our clients.”

Third-party measurement is an increasingly important concern for advertisers so that they’re able to determine if their audio campaigns are reaching their target audience and how effective they are in terms of raising brand awareness. A number of podcast platforms have launched new features and partnerships to help tackle this issue, including SXM Media which signed with programmatic ad buying platform The Trade Desk to add support for third-party audibility measurement for programmatic campaigns bought through the platform.