Ad attribution company ArtsAI acquired by martech group Claritas

Both companies have made significant investments in podcast ad measurement

Advertising attribution platform ArtsAI has been acquired by marketing software company Claritas, the company has announced, with the new owners promising more product development and feature improvement.

Claritas has built a strong business in the marketing attribution space, aiming to help customers more accurately track the impact of ad campaigns - including podcasts - across the whole purchase chain through its proprietary Identity Graph. With the acquisition, Claritas will be able to integrate ArtsAI’s technology and measurement tools into its all-in-one marketing solution, with a particular focus on ArtsAI’s artificial intelligence capabilities. 

Prior to the acquisition, ArtsAI had been deepening its investment in the podcast space, and has recently partnered with AI-powered podcast measurement platform Barometer and audio group SXM Media to launch a new brand safety and suitability solution for advertisers. The solution allows advertisers across the SiriusXM podcast network to leverage Barometer and ArtsAI’s technology and have their campaigns measured and validated by a third party.

This was the second collaboration between ArtsAI and Barometer, having previously launched a joint AI Brand Integrity Daily Measurement solution in May, which allows advertisers to track the performance of podcast advertising campaigns, both direct and programmatic, in real-time at an episode-level, rather than having to wait to see results in a post-campaign performance report.

“We are big believers in an open ecosystem and transparent third-party measurement,” said SXM Media senior vice president of sales research and analytics Keri Degroote. “So we’re thrilled to see two of our key collaborators in Claritas and ArtsAI join forces to create an even stronger, more seamless option that will deliver for both our business and our clients.”