Doctor Who: Redacted celebrates show’s 60th anniversary with second season return

Yound adult author Juno Dawson returns as lead writer

BBC Sounds’ hit audio drama Doctor Who: Redacted is returning for its second season this month, the broadcaster announced, coinciding with the show’s 60th anniversary. 

The six-episode series, produced by the corporation’s commercial content production BBC Studios, will be available weekly on the BBC Sounds platform starting 18 September. The scripted show, which takes place in the world of Doctor Who, will feature returning cast members including Charlie Craggs, Lois Chimimba, and Holly Quin-Ankrah, as well as guest stars including Freddy Carter, Anjli Mohindra, Dervla Kirwan and Alexander Armstrong.

In addition to the returning cast members, lead writer and young adult author Juno Dawson is also back as the lead writer for the show, taking over writing duties for episodes one, two, and six of the new series. Other writers include Chris Cornwell for episode three, Karissa Hamilton-Bannis for episode four, and Ken Cheng for episode five. 

“I’m so excited that Doctor Who: Redacted is back for a second series, it feels particularly special to be a part of such a big year for the show,” said Dawson. “We’ve got a stellar returning cast and welcoming guest stars, both old and new, into Cleo, Abby and Shawna’s corner of the Doctor Who universe has been brilliant. I can’t wait for fans to hear the series and see what is next in store for the trio.”

The show found itself at the centre of mild controversy earlier this year, after the show’s creator and former BBC staff producer Ella Watts took to Twitter to express her “heartbreak” on finding out the second season of the podcast would be moving forward without her. Watts was replaced as produced by James Goss, BBC senior content producer and head of the official Doctor Who website. 

Watts told PodPod that she left her position as staff producer for the BBC last year in March with “explicit understanding” that she would continue to freelance for the podcast, but said she received an email saying the series was taking a different direction after “concerns had been raised” in September. The BBC declined to release an official statement but told PodPod that Watts was notified in advance of the announcement of the new series.