Pow PR to launch podcast promotion and guest list service

Platform aims to connect members with talent across the UK podcasting industry

Pow PR is launching a new promotional platform featuring a list of the top podcasting talent from across the UK, the podcast agency has announced. 

The Pod Guestlist, touted as “the first UK-only service of its kind” by the company, has been created to connect podcasters, production companies, talent managers, and press within the UK podcast industry. The aim is to help podcasters and production companies to improve visibility of their podcasts and attract podcast guests, as well as to assist talent managers and press with pitching talent and staying updated on new podcasts. 

“I work with all sectors of the podcast community and really wanted to create a space where I could bring everyone together to create a thriving podcast promotion hub,” said Pow PR founder Fiona Fraser. “I know how hard everyone in the industry works and this also will be a time saver and a valuable resource and I am really excited to see it launch in October.”

The platform will operate on a paid subscription model. Independent podcasters, podcast production companies, podcast networks, and podcast managers can sign up now for a special half-price “founding members rate” of £99 for six months, while talent managers - including agents, publicists, bookers, and others looking for podcast talent - can also sign up free for one month. Members of the press, including previewers and reviewers, industry press, feature writers, TV and radio bookers, and journalists at national publications, can apply for a free account. 

Members of the platform are expected to be active within its community, and Pow PR expects to support access to community networking events (both online and and in-person) in the future.

Fraser independently launched Pow PR in 2020 and has since worked with top talent across the UK industry, including The Rest is Politics with Alastair Campbell and Rory Stewart, award-winning nature podcast Get Birding, Happy Place with Fearne Cotton, and many more. 

Fraser previously told PodPod in an episode of the podcast that booking guests shouldn’t be about download numbers but that it’s instead about building connections with fellow podcasters. 

“It's about putting that effort into the personalised outreach [and] developing the relationships,” said Fraser. “It's like, if you're dating, if you're punching above your weight slightly, you're bringing the flowers and champagne ahead of time and you want to make people feel a bit special. That's how you need to convince somebody.”