Acast awards activewear brand with ad campaign worth over $10,000

Winner of Pod Power-Up competition receives ad credits and creative production support

Acast has awarded sustainable activewear brand Reprise with a fully paid-for podcast advertising campaign worth over $10,000, the company has announced, as part of its Pod Power-Up competition aimed at supporting small businesses that want to invest in the podcasting space. 

The Pod Power-Up campaign, which was launched in May as part of Small Business Month, was open to companies with 500 employees or fewer and judged by “a panel of experts”. Acast said that Reprise was selected from more than 100 entrants due to its commitment to creating clothing from sustainably-made material. 

The company received $10,000 to be used on advertising via Acast’s self-service platform to promote their business across podcasts within the Acast Creator Network, using a 30-second spot ad which was also produced by Acast. 

“Since launching the self-serve advertising platform late last year, we’ve seen massive interest and return investments from advertisers of all kinds around the world,” said Acast global vice president of marketing Pat Butkus. “From day one, a primary goal of the platform has been to make podcast advertising more accessible to small businesses and buyers of any sized budgets.”

“The Pod Power-Up campaign and this resulting work with Reprise is testament to Acast’s mission to democratise the podcast advertising space.”

The Reprise podcast advertising campaign launched in August and included pre-recorded audio ads which target US-based female listeners of podcasts in the Health and Wellness, Lifestyle, Sustainability, Sport, and Activity categories. 

Acast’s contextual targeting tools, which assess podcasts on both a keyword and category level, allow advertisers to reach listeners around the world based on who they are, where they live, what they listen to, and how they listen. 

“We knew that podcast advertising would give a new voice to Reprise and the sustainable fashion space,” said Reprise founder Mary Bemis. “What we didn’t know was just how accessible it would be for a small brand like ours until we worked with Acast.”

“Their ad platform makes it simple to set up a podcast campaign and get our message heard across a huge network of shows.”

Acast launched its self-serve platform in November last year, allowing advertisers to get started with spot ad campaigns for as little as $250. In addition to spot ads, Acast recently expanded the platform to cover host-read ads as well, with collaboration tools which aim to simplify the host-read sponsorship buying process for podcasters and advertisers by allowing them to work together in real-time.