Slavery podcast Human Resources returns for season three

New series to focus on abolition of slavery in the UK

Broccoli Productions’ critically acclaimed slavery podcast Human Resources has returned for its third season today, the production company has announced. 

The 10-episode weekly series, hosted by political journalist and Novara Media contributing editor Moya Lothian McLean, explores the history of Britain’s involvement in the transatlantic slave trade. In this season, McLean specifically looks at the period in which slavery was abolished in Britain, in 1807, and what happened after. 

“[We’re] kicking off season three with 'Inventing Race', which examines how the British transatlantic slave trade created conceptions of race that still dog us today - and have even been adopted by those they marginalise,” McLean tweeted. 

Previous seasons of the podcast have explored how the transatlantic slave trade impacted modern Britain by diving into the history of the British monarchy, the original Great Western Railway, Scotland’s slaving history, and more.

The podcast has also featured appearances from a number of contributing experts, including early modern Britain historian and professor Brooke Newman and Sheffield Environmental Movement founder and journalist Maxwell Ayamba, among others. 

Human Resources first launched in 2021 and has received numerous accolades. Other shows that Broccoli has produced include We Were Always Here with activist Marc Thomspon on the lives of people that were affected by the UK HIV epidemic, and documentary podcast The Stitch Up on the damaging effects of the fashion industry. 

Broccoli also recently launched a new incubator programme, aimed at developing the skills of podcasters by awarding five successful applicants with a grant of £1,000 each. Applications for the program are still open until 21 September, with five categories - including marketing, business, personal development, storytelling and production - corresponding to the five pillars of BUILD, Broccoli’s e-learning subscription platform.