The Osbournes Podcast to relaunch this month after five-year break

Podcast will be available in both audio and video format

The Osbournes Podcast, a series based on the namesake hit MTV reality show, is returning for a second season after taking a five year long hiatus, Rolling Stone reports

The twenty-episode series launches 12 September and stars the entire family, including heavy metal singer Ozzy Osbourne, his wife Sharon, and children Kelly and Jack. All episodes are recorded at Ozzy and Sharon’s home and will be available to listen to on all major podcast platforms and to watch as a video on YouTube. 

“It's just so natural for us just to talk all the time," Sharon Osbourne told Rolling Stone. “So why not do a podcast? I made a living out of talking and getting myself into trouble, so I might as well continue.”

“It's nice to do something where it's your own, and you can say what you feel — and who’s going to tell you off? Am I going to tell myself off? If you don't like it, turn it off.”

Season one of The Osbournes Podcast launched in 2018 and was based on revisiting their MTV reality show The Osbournes, which ended in 2005 as the network’s highest-rated original program. Over 10 episodes, the Osbournes spoke to a range of guests including singer and television personality Cranie Wilson, Rock and Roll photographer Ross Halfin, comedian and radio host Jim Norton, and more.

The new season, however, features unfiltered discussions between the family over a range of topics, which include plastic surgery, true crime, romance, and more. Additionally, each of the Osbournes will get their own individual episodes talking to important people in their life, which includes Ozzy Osbourne speaking to fellow musician and friend Billy Morrison, and Kelly Osbourne discussing fashion with her best friend.

"The podcast is a way of giving people what they want without giving people all of us," said Kelly Osbourne. "We're still very open, but it's not like having a camera in your face the whole time. So we really, really enjoy it."

Members of the Osbourne family have individually worked on other projects since the reality show ended, including podcasts like comedy series The Kelly Osbourne and Jeff Beacher Show. The PodcastOne series launched in 2021 in both audio and video format and features uncensored conversations and celebrity guest appearances. 

A number of other reality stars have also discovered a newfound public platform through podcasting recently, including MTV’s The Hills reality TV couple Heidi and Spencer Pratt, who launched Speidi’s 16th Minute this year with Spotify’s The Ringer network, former MTV’s The Hills reality star Kristin Cavallari who is launching relationships podcast Let’s Be Honest this September, and UK reality star Katie Price who recently launched The Katie Price Show under Crowd Network.