Sounder joins Prebid Audio Taskforce to support open source header bidding

Platform to work with Prebid on solutions to meet needs of audio advertisers

Audio adtech firm Sounder has joined Prebid’s Audio Taskforce, the company has announced, to help develop a solution that aims to promote transparent and efficient header bidding that meets publisher and advertiser needs in the industry. 

Header bidding is a programmatic advertising technique which allows for publishers to bid on multiple ad exchanges in real-time. The audio taskforce under aims to determine what business use cases a potential solution would solve for, product requirements for an open-source platform, and other systems that the solution should or must integrate with, such as analytics. 

“Improving monetisation across all publishers stands as a paramount objective for both Audiohook and the industry at large,” said Jordan Bentley, Prebid Audio Taskforce chair and founder and CEO of programmatic demand side platform Audiohook. “Both podcasting and the audio industry in general have seen massive growth. We need to ensure that creators, publishers, and all parties are able to ensure effective monetisation to support this growing medium.”

Prebid is an independent organisation that formed in 2017 and is open to partner with all companies in the programmatic space to drive standardised and transparent technology, which will allow buyers and sellers to transact at scale. Working alongside Bentley is vice chair and founder of Sounds Profitable, Bryan Barletta

The collaboration between Sounder and Audiohook is part of both platforms’ commitment to providing equitable opportunities for creators and advertisers in the podcast advertising space

“We are excited to join the Prebid Audio Taskforce and help shape the future of open source audio header bidding,” said Sounder co-founder and CEO Kal Amin. “Header bidding is a critical technology for publishers to maximise their ad revenue, and we believe in the mission of the Prebid Audio Taskforce and the insights it will in turn provide for the industry as a whole.”

“We are committed to working with to develop a solution that meets the needs of audio publishers and advertisers.”

Sounder has recently partnered with a number of other platforms to develop its podcast advertising offerings. This includes its agreement with ad inventory management platform Flightpath to improve impression availability for podcast publishers using its targeting technology, and its deal with digital advertising platform AMA (A Million Ads) to integrate its contextual podcast data into the platform’s creation tool AMA Studio.