Libsyn launches podcast education program for students

Academic partners will gain discounted access to Libsyn hosting and monetisation tools

Podcast hosting platform Libsyn has announced the launch of LibsynEDU, a podcast education programme aimed at supporting academic students with the skills, tools, and knowledge they need to make careers in the podcasting industry. 

As part of the programme, Libsyn is working with a number of academic institutions to provide them with discounted rates for its podcast hosting and monetisation tools. The discounts are as high as 75% off the regularly-priced plans, and include access to its recording solution Libsyn Connect and podcast creation platform Libsyn Studio. There are also additional hosting plans like LibsynEDU+ and LibsynPro available at an institutional level. 

“At Libsyn, we deeply value the educators’ and institutions’ crucial roles in shaping the minds of future generations,” said Libsyn interim CEO and chief product officer John W. Gibbons. “We recognise the significance of education and how it transforms lives. With this appreciation, we are proud to introduce LibsynEDU, our newest podcast educational program designed to support and empower educators and students in the podcasting space.” 

In addition to the discounted rates, students will also gain access to coursework developed by industry experts covering areas of podcasting such as production, storytelling, marketing, audience engagement, measurement, and monetisation. Partners and participants of the program will also be connected to key figures from the podcasting industry to host guest speaker sessions and on-campus events which give students an opportunity to network with industry professionals. 

Other benefits of the programme include access to industry research on emerging trends and best practices as well as tutorials and recommendations from Libsyn, advising academic institutions on the best studio and recording equipment needed to support their students

“LibsynEDU provides educators with the supplemental tools and resources they need to help empower students to discover their voice and path in podcasting,” said Libsyn partnerships senior director Andy Rogers.

To further show its support for students, Libsyn announced a fellowship earlier this month to support an NYU graduate journalism podcasting student with a grant that covers tuition expenses and fees, and provides a stipend for the semester. The student must be enrolled on the Podcasting and Audio Reportage master’s course at NYU and will be chosen by a panel of NYU Arts & Science faculty to conduct research focused on podcasting. Further details on how to apply for the fellowship will be announced before 15 September and the deadline to enter is 1 November 2023. 

“The development of LibsynEDU and the Libsyn Fellowship exemplify our commitment to nurturing the growth of podcasting, supporting the visionary minds in podcast academia, and empowering the next generation of podcast creators,” said Rogers. 

“We look forward to building on our NYU relationship for years to come, while also providing students worldwide with invaluable resources and opportunities to succeed in their podcasting journey,” said Libsyn marketing operations director Sarah Morio. 

NYU was chosen by Libsyn for the fellowship as it is the first US institution to offer a graduate-level journalism program specialising in audio podcasting. In the UK, City University launched a podcasting master’s programme earlier this year, which starts next month. 

The university also launched a Change Makers bursary to support a student from an underrepresented background for each of the next two years on its Podcasting MA programme with a grant worth £5,000. The first investor in the bursary is production company Goalhanger Podcasts which is behind a number of successful titles in the UK, including The Rest is Politics with former political figures Alastair Campbell and Rory Stewart, and The Rest Is Money with Robert Peston and Steph McGovern.