Earworms: What the industry’s been listening to this week

The gift of stand up comedians turning to podcasts

Not all podcasts need to be serious and in fact, the top genre in podcasting at the moment is comedy - no surprise there. Listeners use this medium to escape from reality and relax, which is why it’s such a gift that more and more stand-up comedians are creating their own podcasts, as seen with the launch of Tig Notaro, Fortune Feimster, and Mae Martin’s new podcast this week - a great listen to start off the bank holiday weekend. 

This week, we also see new launches exploring a number of different topics including the evolution of artificial intelligence, women’s sports, American political history, and more, as well as recommendations from industry experts that include deep dives, Hollywood insiders, and more. 

What’s in the industry’s ears?

Carl Javier - CEO, PumaPodcast

The one I’ve been forcing people to listen to is The Redemption of Jar Jar Binks, [who] was one of the most hated and vile characters in the late 90s and early 2000s. This podcast identifies him as the internet’s first ‘main character’, but it really dives into how we became abusive to other people on the internet and how these trends began.

Erin Styles - Public affairs and communications lead, Spotify 

I’ve been listening to The Ringer’s Do We Get to Win This Time? I’ve long been intrigued by war media and how in its various forms it doesn’t just reflect public perception but can heavily influence a country’s involvement in current and future conflicts. This pod explores how The Vietnam War is largely experienced via film — both in real-time by filmmakers grappling with the U.S.’ involvement and by millennials like myself who of course weren’t alive when the war took place but experienced it solely via films like Apocalypse Now, Full Metal Jacket and Forrest Gump.

Anthony Frasier - CEO, ABF Creative

The latest podcast I've been listening to that's outside of the usual kids' podcast diet is a podcast called Founders. It's hosted by David Senra, an entrepreneur who does nothing but read the world's best memoirs, essays, biographies, and autobiographies and breaks them down into digestible chunks. It's like having someone do the work for you. Obviously, he encourages everyone to read the books he's breaking down, but he does so much of a good job I feel like I don't have to. The podcast is a complete cheat code.

Mikhail Klimentov - Creator, ReaderGrev newsletter

I subscribe to Podcast About List on Patreon - it's just three comedians, and the whole goof used to be that they would read very bad online lists, generated by teenagers of ‘what's the most beautiful Pokemon?’ I think those guys are great. I play Valorant with one of them, and that's one of the very stupid things that I listen to.

Rowan Collinson - Podcast editorial lead, Spotify

In an extraordinary summer for film and TV, The Town has become essential listening. Hosted by journalist Matt Belloni (ex of the Hollywood Reporter), everytime I listen to it I'm transported to Beverly Hills on a virtual lunch date with Hollywood insiders discussing everything from Barbenheimer to the high politics of Disney, via striking writers and tricky talent.

Freshly Dropped


Narrative history podcast Blowback has returned for its fourth season today, co-hosted by musician and former producer of political podcast Chapo Trap House Brendan James, and Jewish Currents contributing editor Noah Kulwin. The new season focused on the crisis in Afghanistan and the US’ involvement after 9/11. 


Stand-up comedians and actors Tig Notaro, Fortune Feimster, and Mae Martin have come together to co-host a new comedy podcast titled Handsome. The podcast debuted its first episode on Tuesday and features the three co-hosts answering a question from their first celebrity guest, fellow comedian Sarah Silverman. 

How to Think About A.I.

Freakonomics Radio has launched the first episode of its three-part series How To Think About A.I on Thursday this week. The first episode of the podcast is guest-hosted by award-winning reporter Adam Davidson, who explores big claims about A.I’s future and whether it has a sense of humour. 

Two Good Sports

iHeartPodcasts Australia has launched a new sports news podcast with acclaimed journalists Abbey Gelmi and Georgie Tunny. The weekly podcast titled Two Good Sports launched its first episode on Monday, talking about Australia’s women's national football team the Matildas, the Women’s World Cup, and the impact on Australian sport. 

If This Food Could Talk

Claudia Hanna, mediterranean lifestyle expert and founder of maternal nutrition company Athena’s Bump, is hosting a new podcast for American Public Television (APT) in which she travels the world, sharing the history of foods and what they mean to people. The podcast titled If This Food Could Talk launched on Thursday and is the first original production under APT, which is the media home of a number of lifestyle series, including America’s Test Kitchen.