LiveRead launches new podcast ad management platform

Startup aims to streamline order management process for creators

Podcast adtech startup has launched its new podcast advertising management platform, the company has announced, with the goal of making the process of managing podcast ad orders and campaigns more efficient. 

The platform, which has launched in beta, aims to streamline a number of podcast advertising order management processes into one centralised database, including creating media plans and insertion orders, automating delivery of ad copy to hosts, maintaining ad calendars, sending and tracking invoices, tracking delivery impressions on episodes across different hosting platforms, and more. 

“I first came up with the idea of LiveRead on a phone call with Glenn Rubenstein of podcasting ad agency ADOPTER Media,” said LiveRead founder and CEO Alex Aldea. “We were airing our frustrations on the state of transparency, organisational fluency, and lack of relevant adtech tools in the influencer space, and I knew there was a solution I could bring to market.”

LiveRead’s aim with this software is to simplify multiple aspects of video and audio podcast advertising, making them easier for podcasters to manage, boosting their efficiency, reducing errors, and lowering their operating costs. The service will be accessible to podcasters, networks, brands, and agencies, with dynamic pricing being offered at various levels to each in order to make it more accessible for everyone. 

“Typically, enterprise technology this sophisticated is only available to Fortune 500 companies willing to spend six figures a year on a multi-year commitment,” said LiveRead chief technology officer Mike Perrigue. “Even then, the software doesn’t typically integrate with any external parties.” 

LiveRead has already tested the software with a number of podcasts including The Always Sunny Podcast, Good For You, and The Basement Yard as well as networks such as Flagrant Media Group and ADOPTER Media. LiveRead says it was able to identify and prevent errors, increase the companies’ ROI, and save them time on administrative tasks through the platform. 

“LiveRead has simplified all of our campaign management pain points,” said Jamiel Hibbert, head of partnerships at Flagrant Media Group. “It’s super intuitive and easy to use.”

“I’ve had situations where all I could see was the advertiser and date on a spreadsheet. That is literally it. What a nightmare,” said Good For You host Whitney Cummings. “With LiveRead, I can see every contract, all my download numbers in one place, my ad scripts, dollars owed, and even when a sponsor payment hits my ad seller’s bank account at the same time my seller can.” 

The launch is part of a growing pattern of adtech software which seeks to simplify the process of campaign management for podcast creators. Acast recently introduced a new feature on its self-serve advertising platform called AdCollab, which allows podcasters and advertisers to work together on tasks like ad copy creation in real-time.