Podcast hosting platform Disctopia partners with Semrush to leverage SEO tools

New feature allows podcasters to detect and extract episode-level keywords

Podcast hosting and streaming platform Disctopia has partnered with search engine optimisation company Semrush to leverage its SEO tools for better reach, the company has announced. 

As part of the partnership, Disctopia will integrate Semrush SEO tools into its TruePlay AI audio transcription tool, automatically detecting and extracting keywords through identifying recurring themes or topics within the transcript. These keywords can then be used to target SEO campaigns managed through Semrush’s platform.

“Including Semrush’s powerful tool in our podcast transcription feature adds another layer to the podcast hosting experience,” said Disctopia founder and CEO Patrick Hill. “Creators won’t need to hop from one platform to the other to enhance their SEO, since they’ll find everything they need to thrive in one seamless place.”

“This integration furthers our mission to equip independent podcasters with the necessary tools to grow their listenership.” 

Additionally, Disctopia will also join Semrush’s on-platform App Centre through a new app, which will enable users on the marketing platform to gain direct access to Disctopia’s podcast hosting features without leaving the Semrush interface. 

“The Podcast Hosting App by Disctopia is a great addition to Semrush's platform,” said Hill. “Semrush users can achieve their marketing goals within the podcasting space and optimise their content for maximum impact as the tool allows podcast hosting, transcription, content marketing and SEO all-in-one.”

Keyword optimisation can also be beneficial for podcasters that want to make themselves visible to advertisers, as contextual targeting and brand safety becomes an increasing concern for audio advertisers. In November, Acast launched a keyword targeting tool for advertisers which uses AI and speech-to-text technology to identify key words and phrases at an episode level to filter what is most relevant to them.