History podcast Blowback returns for fourth season

New series to focus on on US’s involvement in Afghanistan crisis

Blowback, a narrative history podcast about American foreign policy through the lens of various overseas conflicts, is returning for its fourth season on 25 August, according to Variety

The series is co-hosted by Brendan James, musician and former producer of political podcast Chapo Trap House, and Jewish Currents contributing editor Noah Kulwin. Following three hit seasons which covered topics including the Iraq war, the Cuban Revolution and the Korean war, series four will focus on the crisis in Afghanistan and the US’ involvement after 9/11. 

“The summer of 2021 produced an odd spectacle: The withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan — and Taliban takeover that followed — in some ways appeared to wake Americans up, and suddenly remind them that we had been occupying this country for 20 years,” said James. “There was an interesting logic at play: As if the chaos had started that day, and all of the horrors and violence of the past twenty years had nothing to do with the images coming out of Afghanistan.” 

“So we want to look at that trail, study the connections, the associations, the clues, that place Afghanistan in America’s crosshairs by September, 2001, and generate the scenes of chaos in Kabul, 2021. On the way we’ll meet secret agents. Soviet Commissars. Afghan warlords. Texas cowboys. Saudi oligarchs. And the people caught between them, in a 40-year war that may not yet be over.”

The new season will have a total of 10 main episodes available on all podcast platforms, and 10 bonus episodes which will be available to Blowback subscribers for a one-off payment of $24.99. Subscribers will also be able to listen to the show ad-free, gain access to extra music and extended cuts of the show’s soundtrack, and receive discount codes for Blowback merch. 

An animated trailer for the new season was released on Monday ahead of the series’ debut, created by artist Ben Clarkson and voiced by actor H. Jon Benjamin. The trailer features a music score by electronic artist The Great Vorelli, alongside Benjamin narrating a quote from science fiction writer Harlan Ellison.