NFL sports agent C. Lamont Smith launches new podcast

Smith to co-host alongside USA Today’s Jarrett Bell and Chicago Sun Times’ Robert Jackson

C. Lamont Smith, football sports agent and founder of All Pro Sports and Entertainment, is set to host a new sports podcast, titled Hall of Famers, exploring the lives of iconic athletes.

The podcast is a deep dive into the lives of legendary figures in the world of sports, with commentary from Smith and his co-hosts - USA Today NFL columnist Jarrett Bell, and Chicago Sun-Times journalist and cultural critic Robert ‘Scoop’ Jackson. 

“What sets this apart from other sports-centric podcasts is it’s the only platform offering an all-season pass to the untold tales of the Hall of Fame legends,” said Smith, “narrated by the very sports professionals who’ve been part of these incredible journeys.”

Episode one of the series launched on Thursday this week and looks into recency bias and what it means to be “great” in modern sports. The podcast is available on all podcast platforms in audio and on YouTube as a video podcast. The podcast also aims to foster a global community beyond the episodes where fans can dive into deep debates and access exclusive insights. 

Hall of Famers is one of the many sports podcasts that have launched in the past month, with a particular uptick in content in the UK as part of the Premier League season which started 12 August. 

Recent launches include the BBC’s Football Firsts podcast, co-hosted by football coach and former player Jermain Defoe and professional footballer Troy Deeney, and Goalhanger’sThe Rest is Football, co-hosted by the company’s co-founder and sports broadcaster Gary Lineker and former professional football players and pundits Alan Shearer and Micah Richards.