Earworms: What the industry’s been listening to this week

The mystery of the cat that stole the bag

True-crime is undeniably one of the most popular podcast genres with many having covered the most chilling crimes. This doesn’t mean that all true-crime stories have to be dark, however, and sometimes it could be something as simple and innocent as the unsolved mystery of a group of cats stealing dry food out of a truck - as seen in the launch of Temptation’s new branded podcast this week. 

Though before adding that to the never-ending list of podcasts to be listened to, check out some of this week’s industry podcast recommendations and launches, covering a range of genres from football to business. 

What’s in the industry’s ears?

Tamara Zubatiy - Co-founder and CEO, Barometer

I started listening to Sounds Like a Cult after reading co-host Amanda Montell’s book Cultish: the Language of Fanaticism and was instantly hooked. My favourite aspect of the show is that it allows me to look at seemingly mundane aspects of modern living through a new lens.

Charles Ubaghs - Managing editor and director of digital content, Global Player

My new favourite listen right now is Search Engine. It’s hosted by PJ Vogt from Reply All fame. While the name may sound like a tech podcast, it’s more in the vein of something like Getting Curious; It’s like long form magazine journalism but using tools and narrative elements that are unique to podcasts. And I can’t stop listening.

Nana Duncan - Co-host, Two Twos Podcast 

I tend to listen to podcasts that my friends make and a lot of them are just queer, Black podcasts. So, The Classic Manny Show and the T Time Podcast by Trans men. 

Alex Legouix - Host, Show On The Road 

I keep going back to The Diary Of a CEO because he has amazing guests on and I really like how he interviews them. He had Gabor Maté on recently, who talks a lot about the somatic response to stress and how emotions that we're dealing with can manifest in our bodies and I'm quite fascinated by all of that stuff. I'm a yoga teacher and a mindfulness coach so that sort of bridges the gap a little bit for me there. 

Richard Innes - Head of content, BrewDog

The one podcast I absolutely love is The Rest is Politics. I think it is so clever, so well pitched, and so counter to the general political discourse. Now, if you're a Labour or Conservative politician, you disagree before you even start talking. I find that The Rest is Politics is a wonderful antidote to that where you have Alastair Campbell from the Labour side and Rory Stewart from the Conservative side, just having a discussion and talking about really important issues.

Freshly Dropped 

Iron Cast

Presented by Quickly Kevin host Chris Scull and former West Ham star James Collins, Iron Cast is the new official podcast for the Premier League club, giving fans exclusive access and insights into the team’s activities. The weekly show launched on Tuesday, and has already published a bonus episode with new signing Edson Álvarez.

The Red Carpet Treatment 

Launched on Wednesday this week, season two of S:E Creative Studio’s BRIT Awards podcast The Red Carpet Treatment will now be hosted by Rizzle Kicks member Jordan Stephens, replacing YouTuber Nella Rose. The series has launched ahead of next year’s awards ceremony in February.


Coming from the creators of hit Australian podcast One Minute Remaining, Wanted is a new true-crime podcast exploring the stories of fugitives who went on the run from authorities. The series launched this week with a three-part special on ‘TikTok Fugitive’ Chad Hower.

The DRINKS.com Podcast

Alcohol e-commerce platform DRINKS has launched a branded podcast, The DRINKS.com Podcast, on the evolution of the alcohol ecommerce industry. The series is hosted by founder and president of DRINK’s ecommerce agency, Brandon Amoroso who interviews key players within the industry. The first episode debuted on Thursday with Vintage Wine Estates chief growth and experience officer Jessica Kogan as the first guest. 

Catch A Cat Burglar 

Cat food brand Temptations has launched a new podcast series that’s a twist on the ‘true-crime’ genre, hosted by Crime Junkie’s Brit Prawat. Throughout the limited series titled Catch A Cat Burglar, Prawat investigates the mystery behind the ambush of a delivery truck carrying Temptations Dry Cat Food. The first episode debuted on Thursday and will continue to run until the end of the month with the culprit revealed in the finale.