Cat food brand Temptations launches new ‘true-crime’ podcast with Crime Junkie co-host

Brit Prawat investigates ‘mystery’ behind delivery truck ambush

Brit Prawat, co-host of hit true-crime series Crime Junkie, is hosting a new ‘true-crime’ branded podcast from cat food brand Temptations, as part of a campaign to promote the launch of its newest product line. 

Catch a Cat Burglar is a limited mockumentary series which will see Prawat attempt to solve the mystery behind a delivery truck carrying Temptations Dry Cat Food, ambushed and left with one bag ripped open by a supposed claw. 

“I've told many true crime stories throughout my career and Catch a Cat Burglar may be the most unique story yet. It's definitely the furriest," said Prawat. "I'm so excited for cat parents and true crime-obsessed fans alike to tune in to this not-so-true, but extremely irresistible investigation, where together, we will leave no litter box unturned to catch the sneaky kitty that just couldn't keep their paws off their favourite Temptations Adult Dry Cat Food.”

The first episode launched on Thursday this week and will continue to run until the end of the month, with the final episode concluding the series on 31 August, revealing the kitty culprit involved in the heist. 

Listeners are also encouraged to get involved in the investigation by submitting their guesses on the Temptations website, with a chance to win a gift pack which includes Temptations food, treats, merch, and a trip to cat festival Pop Cats Seattle. To be eligible, submissions must come from legal residents of the 50 US districts aged 18 and above. 

“We know that cats can't help but cause a little mayhem when left to their own devices," said Jean-Paul Jansen, senior vice president of marketing for Mars Petcare North America. “It's part of their charm, and the idea that cats are so loved for being these unbothered pot-stirrers was the inspiration behind the Catch a Cat Burglar limited series.”

“It's a playful way for us to engage with cat parents and share that the new Temptations Dry Cat Food is as irresistible to our mischievous, but adorable feline friends as the Temptations treats they already know and love.”

Crime Junkie is the number one most popular podcast in the US by weekly average users, according to Triton Digital’s US podcast ranker. Prawat has been co-hosting the show with Ashley Flowers since it first launched in 2017 but had to take a short break from the show in May 2022 due to a medical condition. Prawat later came back to host the show in September after her recovery.