Libsyn signs exclusive ad partnership with Multitude and Upfire Digital

Podcast companies to monetise portfolio through Libsyn’s AdvertiseCast

Podcast hosting platform Libsyn has signed two new exclusive advertising partnerships with podcast companies Multitude and Upfire Digital through its advertising marketplace AdvertiseCast, the company announced. 

Multitude is a podcast production company whose network reaches over 300,000 listeners. It also operates a podcast collective with shows such as Join the Party and Spirits and provides ad services for other podcast series such as Helen Zaltsman’s The Allusionist.

Upfire Digital, meanwhile, is a podcast agency with a network reach of 19,000 and represents a number of podcasts including morning news show The Wright Report and the Dr. John Vervake podcast. 

As part of the partnership with Libsyn, both companies will leverage AdvertiseCast’s monetisation services including Automatic Ads, host-read services, and programmatic solutions. The networks will also be able to use Libsyn Subscriptions to create subscription-based and ad-free content as an alternative revenue stream. 

“Through AdvertiseCast’s premium suite of solutions, Multitude and Upfire Digital are now successfully tapping into the potential of Libsyn to deliver impactful advertising, maximise monetisation, and build a loyal listener base,” said Libsyn’s AdvertiseCast head of publisher relations Trevr Smithlin. “We look forward to forging a meaningful connection between advertisers and these two leading podcast networks to reach a highly engaged audience and achieve effective results.”

Libsyn’s AdvertiseCast has a network of over 2,900 podcasts with over 200 million in monthly listener reach. Over 1,500 brands have advertised on this marketplace before including BetterHelp, Shopify, QVC, and more. 

Libsyn has been extremely active in forming new advertising partnerships in recent months, and has signed exclusive ad sales deals with podcast production companies like Big IP Media and other exclusivity deals with hit podcasts such as The Commercial Break, Knock ‘Em Dead, and more.