Tenderfoot TV to release Dear Alana podcast mid-August

Subscribers will be able to binge the entire series ad-free

Content creation company Tenderfoot TV is launching its newest limited series Dear Alana on 14 August, the company announced. 

The eight-part series will tell the story of Alana Chen who ended her life in 2019 at the age of 24 after undergoing conversion therapy. The series is hosted by Simon Kent Fung who learned about the death through local news and aims to understand the truth behind her death, having gone through a similar experience with conversion therapy for nearly a decade.

“Telling powerful and profound stories will always be at the centre of what we create, and this slate embodies the repertoire of content that focus on new innovative ways to tell these stories from narrative storytelling to talk format,” said Tenderfoot TV CEO and co-founder Donald Albright. “We’re excited to continue to diversify the content we’re covering, like the story of Alana Chen in Dear Alana, and give a voice and platform to the marginalised and forgotten.”

Episodes one and two of the weekly podcast will be available to listen to on 14 August, available on all major podcast platforms and distributed through iHeartPodcasts. Subscribers of Tenderfoot+ will be able to binge-listen to the entire series from that date ad-free. There will also be two additional bonus episodes coming later in the season. 

This podcast follows Tenderfoot TV’s announcement in July stating that it was expanding its podcast slate with a number of new series including spinoffs and miniseries based on its existing franchises like Radio Rental and Up and Vanished as well as new launches like weekly true crime talk show with Tenderfoot TV founder Payne Lindsey. 

At this year’s Podcast Show, Albright spoke about Tenderfoot TV’s podcast strategy during the advisory panel session and how the company is looking at both expanding its subscription offerings as well as working on international projects, including one in Mexico City with a non-profit. The company previously partnered with podcast network Sonoro to deliver content to Latinx audiences and beyond with a slate of multi-language shows.

Albright also added that artificial intelligence can be used to translate projects in order to reach different audiences and tap into different markets.