AMA partners with Sounder to enhance contextual ad targeting

Partnership to integrate Sounder’s brand suitability data into AMA Studio

Digital advertising platform AMA (A Million Ads) has partnered with AI-powered brand-safety intelligence platform Sounder to integrate Sounder’s contextual podcast data into its ad creation tool AMA Studio.

AMA Studio allows advertisers to create personalised ads for podcast listeners based on a range of data including location, demographics and listening habits, automatically creating and serving listeners with the most relevant ad from many different permutations. As part of this new partnership, Sounder’s contextual and brand suitability data will be integrated into the platform to enable greater relevancy in targeting.

“We are excited to partner with AMA to deliver more relevant and brand safe podcast advertising,” said Sounder CEO and co-founder Kal Amin. “This partnership will help advertisers reach their target audiences more effectively and efficiently, while also ensuring that their brand messages are only heard by listeners who are likely to be interested.”

Sounder has previously partnered with companies in the podcast space such as iHeartMedia, which integrated the company’s technology into new brand safety tools for its Triton and Omny Studio platforms earlier this year. In June, AMA Studio also launched new features powered by AI which incorporate ad personalisation and contextual targeting by enabling audio-script synchronisation to create dynamic content which integrates seamlessly with the content the listener is tuning into. 

“This exciting partnership with Sounder will deliver more relevant and brand safe podcast advertising,” said AMA CEO and founder Steve Dunlop. “Combining our industry-leading dynamic creative ad technology with Sounder's contextual targeting expertise will provide advertisers with a more effective way to reach their target audiences on podcasts and increase podcast advertising’s scale.”