The Ezra Klein Show to become a one-hour public radio programme

Radio show to be distributed by PRX from November

The New York Times’ hit news podcast The Ezra Klein Show is being turned into a radio programme starting 10 November, in partnership with non-profit public media company PRX. 

The Ezra Klein Show will be taking on a new format as a one-hour weekly programme, distributed by PRX across stations in the United States as a way to bring in new audiences to the show. The podcast will continue to release new episodes to listeners regularly alongside the new public radio program and will not be distributed by PRX. 

“I’m beyond thrilled to see the show stretch into new audiences and new conversations in partnership with PRX,” said Klein. “I grew up on PRX’s programs and their DNA is braided into the work I do now. This is an honour, but also, in a sense, a homecoming.”

Klein is a renowned journalist who currently serves as a columnist for The New York Times and was previously the founder and editor-in-chief of news and opinion website Vox. His podcast, which has received multiple accolades, has featured a number of well-known guests talking about current political issues including former U.S. president Barack Obama, senator Bernie Sanders, actor Tom Hanks, and more. 

In addition to distributing public radio programmes, PRX is also a leading podcast publisher which works with a number of producers to distribute and develop podcasts including The Moth, Snap Judgment, and the TED Audio Collective, and has founded two podcast networks - Radiotopia and TRAX. Podcasts within PRX’s portfolio include TED Talks Daily, Ear Hustle, and more. 

“We’re proud to partner with The New York Times, Ezra and the team at The Ezra Klein Show to help bring this must-listen program to the public media community,” said PRX chief of business development and content Jason Saldanha. “Ezra explores big questions as necessary as they are engaging, and he will be a welcome voice across public radio airwaves.”

While Klein is taking his podcast to public radio, a number of radio broadcasters are doing the opposite, converting their shows to podcasts in order to expand their audiences. This includes hit shows like This American Life, as well as CBC’s Q with Tom Power. Spotify also recently introduced a new broadcast to podcast tool which makes it easier for publishers to turn existing content into one-demand shows.