Fad Camp podcast to host first-ever live show at Dublin Fringe Festival 2023

Tickets for show at The Lir Academy now available

Anti-diet comedy podcast Fad Camp will be hosting its first-ever live show at this year’s Dublin Fringe Festival, the hosts have announced. 

Fad Camp is hosted by Irish stand-up comedian Grace Mulvey and screenwriter and director Conor Dowling, who also hosts horror variety podcast The Hidden Station. The podcast launched in 2020 and has received praise over breaking stigma around weight and diet culture. 

The live show will be held at the Lir Academy on 17 September at 6.30pm as part of the annual Dublin Fringe Festival, which showcases performances and events across multidisciplinary art forms including theatre, music, dance, and comedy. 

"Fad Camp is a fantastic podcast. Hosts Grace and Conor are open and honest, and the topics they cover are often as shocking as they are hilarious," said HeadStuff Podcast Network head of podcasts Conor Reid. "The show tackles difficult and important issues around dieting and culture while never taking itself too seriously. The first ever Fad Camp live show is absolutely guaranteed to be a great night out!"

Other podcasts that performed at the Dublin Fringe Festival in the past included unofficial RuPaul's Drag Race UK recap podcast Sissy That Pod with James O’Hagan and Cian Sullivan, and improv podcast Phoning It In with Dave Coffey. All three podcasts, including Fad Camp, are under the HeadStuff Podcast Network.

The Dublin Fringe Festival also hosts its own branded podcast in partnership with Project Arts Centre which features artists and thinkers sharing their inspirations and what gets them out of bed in the morning. The podcast is titled A Wee Boost and has featured contributions from people like theatre-maker Pea Dineen, Olivier award-nominated singer and actress Adèle Anderson, award winning writer Xnthony, and many more.